Anal fistula (small tunnel under the skin in rectal region causing continuous liquid discharge from a small opening around rectum)

Anal fistula is the medical phrase for an tunnel that develops between the skin and the last part of alimentary tract caller rectum or anus. Common reason for fistulas is a perianal infection related to a gland which forms tract under the skin and running though muscular structures. Surgery is the gold standard treatment for this condition.

Symptoms-discomfort in anus(mostly only discomfort, pain is not obligatory)

-discharge (pus patch on underwear)

-occasionally bleeding or bloodish discharge

-other bowel symptoms like IBS, episodes of diarrhea(if the fistula is cecondary to different bowel disease like Crohn, ulcerative colitis, IBS)

in case of anal fistulas colonoscopy required ruling out other colonic problems!

For surgical plan MRI scan required from rectum and perirectal fat and sphincter muscles in advance.

Regarding MRI scan result surgeon can decide about laying open ( means probe insertion to fistula tract and cutting the full length)

And for complex fistulas brand new VAAFT technique.

VAAFT is a non invasive endoscopic method, surgery.Nowdays this method is gold standard of fistula treatment with brilliant 7% recurrence rate which never reached result with old fashioned techniques.

This operation can be performed as day case surgery and patient can return tho their home on same day.After couple of days they can return their original activities and life.


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