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Why is this procedure being recommended? Are there alternatives?

After a long discussion and explanation of your symptoms, DR Papp will offer you the most appropriate type of surgery. If there is any alternatives then he will explain you what are the differences and benefits from each.

What are the benefits of this procedure in terms of pain relief, functioning/mobility? How long will the benefit last?

The goal of performing any surgery is that belief that that type of operation may give benefits, decreases the pain, gives better function of the affected organ. Every surgery and surgical problem is different. Your surgeon will evaluate your case examine you and suggest the most appropriate surgery which makes you finally satisfied.

When is weight loss surgery considered?

In the UK, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has produced some guidance to help doctors decide if someone may be suitable for weight loss surgery on the National Health Service (NHS). NICE provides national guidance on promoting good health and preventing and treating ill health. In the guidance that NICE has produced, the following conditions need … Continue reading

What are some of the risks of weight loss surgery?

Weight loss surgery has significant risks of general health complications and general surgical complications and specific bariatric surgery complications. All of these complications should be discussed to the candidates at first or second discussion. Dr Papp is open to answer any questions so feel free to ask anytime. No surgery is without risk and so having weight loss surgery does … Continue reading

What are the different types of weight loss surgery?

Weight loss surgery should be an individual therapy for certain patient. There isn’t typical patient, the only common factor between two bariatric cases is BMI everything else is different. In term of origins, harmonic changes, eating disorders, genetic factors, mental status, family issues, depression, pregnancies… etc… WE can choose from sleeve gastrectomy, Roux Y gastric bypass, mini or (loop) gastric … Continue reading

What happens before the surgery?

Patients need very thorough preoperative investigation which includes: gastroscopy(camera test with an endoscope of stomach), blood tests(extended including hormones , thyroid function and other special tests.), abdominal ultrasound scan(ruling out gallstones, hernias, gynecology problems).Dietician professionalist will discuss to patients about their later dietary plans and educate them on this. If patients has high blood pressure, diabetes, or other female problems … Continue reading

What happens after the surgery?

After surgery time has come for a successful recovery from surgical treatment with physiotherapy, special diet, anti thromboembolism treatment and close observation. Patients can leave hospital after two days in general.

What to bring for your initial consultation

For your initial consultation you will need to bring a referral letter from your GP so that we can bulk bill Medicare. Here is check list for your initial consultation Referral letter Medicare card List of medications Xray and scans We encourage you to come to your initial consultation with a list of questions to ensure you won’t forget them. … Continue reading

How to get started on your weight loss surgery journey

For weight loss process the only thing what you need to decide about is booking an appointment with Dr Papp. Please bring all of your medical papers and investigation result with you.(ultrasound scan result, evidences of previous operations, treatment, medications)

What are the most modern types of hemorrhoid surgeries and is that true that they don’t cause any pain?

The most modern surgeries are: dearterialisation operations: like HAL RAR, THD Transanal Hemorrhoideal Dearterialisation and Stapled hemorrhoidopexy using staplers in rectum for cutting and closing arteries and cutting of the prolapsing loose mucosa. Both of them are internal surgery which are performed in the rectum, on not sensitive area therefore they don’t cause big surgical pain but discomfort in rectum … Continue reading

How long the recovery period after hemorrhoid surgery with new techniques?

It can be very quick. After two weeks patient can return to their job.

How long do I need time off work after weightloss surgery?

Average required length of sick leave is two weeks. It might be different in certain types of surgery.

When can I resume driving?

1 week after general surgical operations you will able to drive for short trips.

When can I resume exercise?

1 month after general and bariatric laparoscopic surgery you will able to do exercises. Doing sports may require longer period for recovery. Open abdominal surgeries may require half a year resting.  

Dr Papp is laparoscopic general and bariatric surgeon was Trained in western European system with very wide experience in general surgery and owner of many inventions in keyhole surgery.


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