This is a type of general surgery which treats Colon (large intestine) and rectum (final part of digestive system just before anus.

This alimentary tract can be involved with benign and malignant diseases.

Most of colon problems are benign which may not require surgery but dietary changes or treatment with medicines. Malignant colorectal diseases may requires surgical intervention if early curable stage.

Most important moment to recognize your significant symptoms.

  • change of bowel habit
  • blood in stool
  • weight loss
  • positive family history for colon cancer(two close relatives with same problem)
  • generalised weakness
  • episodes of bloatings

one of these symptoms have been discovered then next obligatory test is Colonoscopy which means a camera test of your rectum and large intestine mostly under general anesthesia.

Colonoscopy gives a chance to take biopsy from suspicious lesions.

If benign pathology have been discovered like (irritable bowel symptoms, ulcerative colitis, diverticulosis, diverticulitis,or Crohn disease) your treatment will be followed by gastroenterologist (physician doctor).If malignant disease have been confirmed, then next step is Stageing (precise discovering of tumor and valuating of spreading of the lesion. mostly Chest CT, abdominal CT, MRI scan in case of rectal cancer, Ultrasound scan, PET CT scan, occasionally, diagnostic laparoscopy).

In the knowledge of these investigations and reports we can set up a surgical plan along with pathologist, oncologist, radiologist and surgeon. This is MDT (multi discpline meeting) who discusses every tumorous cases.

Surgical intervention can be performed as open (mostly advanced cases )and as keyhole. Benign diseases should be performed as keyhole.

Colorectal Cancer Surgery 3D Medical Animation - Laparoscopic Procedure


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