Weighty issues? What is weight loss surgery? How does it work? (bariatric surgery) Weight problem is a universal issue which occasionally needs surgical support finally after many attempts of losing weight.

Weight loss surgery is ta special surgical procedure that decreases size of the stomach , or creates an artefitial malabsorption syndrome, reduces food intake and can enable you to lose a significant amount of weight. It is an effective and permanent way to losing weight that requires a lifetime commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Weight lost surgery not only helps you to lose weight , but can help improve your overall health , well being , and self esteem.

Obesity causes further serious diseases in the human body like diabetes, joint problems, heart problems, high blood pressure, stroke and significant reduces lifetime and causes much worse life quality.

Definition of obesity and morbid obesity: These are labels for weight which is greater than what is generally considered.

BMI: number which is calculated from height in meters and weight in kilograms. This number correlates with amount of body fat and we can compare two patients regarding BMI.

Normal ranges of BMI. Below 18.5 under weight

Between 18.5-24.9 normal weight

25-29.9   overweight

30-40 obesity

40 and above morbid obesity

how much is my BMI level. Calculator.

Indications of weight loss surgery: if someone has BMI 40 or above this amount then may require weight loss surgery.

If someone has 35 BMI and has significant co morbidity like diabetes or high blood pressure, joint problems.

If someone has BMI 30 and at least 2 co morbidities.

Type of weight loss surgery: laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy

Gastric bypass

Adjustable banding

Sleeve gastrectomy: keyhole procedure that creates a stomach tube with removal 85% of stomach .By this operation the transit time and capacity of food will be reduced. As we remove 85% of stomach Gherlin protein producing cells will be removed. Absence of this protein patient will lose apetite.

Very effective metabolic and restrictive type of surgery for those who hasn’t severe diabetes and reflux disease and not sweet eaters.

Gastric bypass: staples the smaller upper part of the stomach, separating it from the rest of the stomach which causes restriction in food intake as capacity of stomach will be reduced. The small intestine will be rerouted and connected to the smaller stomach pouch. Bypassing of small intestine by 1 m causes malabsorption syndrome( less absorption surface and time for nutrition facts).

Bypass surgery is ideal for sweet eaters, morbid obesity , with dibetes and with reflux disease.

Laparoscopic gastric banding: this is an old fashioned way to treat obesity. Actually not a real answer or solution for morbid obesity.

Weight loss surgery in practice

Weight loss surgery consultation: first step towards the surgery and discussion about further steps.

First consultation is about conversation between surgeon and patients. measuring BMI level, discovering past medical history, other diseases, choosing ideal type of surgery and explanation on that. Explanation of surgical type is mandatory.

Very important that responsible surgeon should be ready to say ;NO

Exclusion criterias: mental disabilities

If patient doesn’t know what is the reason for his obesity

Age limit 60

Under 17 year old.

Patient should be informed about risks and possible complications and benefits also.

Pre operative assessment; surgical assessment, physician assessment, gynecologist occasionally should be involved, endocrinologist will have a look on hormone levels.

Anesthetist, and gastroenterologist also seethe patient.

Camera test of stomach is mandatory (gastroscopy).

Once patients get green light then procedure can be performed. Most of these surgeries are performed as keyhole surgery under general anesthesia. Small incisions on abdominal surface.

After surgery hospital stay an average 2-3 days.

After weight loss surgery patients should follow strict dietary plan, and after first surgical consultation usually under care of dietician nurse. She will provide dietary plans and will measure weight loss on regular basis.

Many people who lose considerable weight are left with loose or excess skin and may require plastic surgery consultation also.

Mini Gastric Bypass surgical procedure

Sleeve Gastrectomy Animation

How gastric bypass is performed


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