Sam’s Story

Sam's story

I don’t think I have enough words to express how happy I am with my surgery and how grateful I am to everybody who has helped me. Hopefully I will now prove my doctor wrong who once said to me that I wouldn’t make ‘old bones’.

Several months ago, I reached a low point in my life. I weighed 196 kilos and was suffering from chronic reflux disease. This resulted in VERY bad heartburn even though I was on maximum medication. At night, acid would run out the corners of my mouth and burn my lips. I had been told by surgeons that I needed to surgery to correct the problems with my stomach but, at the weight I was it wouldn’t work.

This is when my GP – who I have to say has been fantastic through all of this – began a battle for some sort of weight reduction surgery on my behalf. After numerous letters and e-mails to and from the Primary Care Trust, it was decided by them that they wouldn’t fund any surgery as I didn’t have ‘great need’!

This is when I started researching weight loss surgery myself. I hit a brick wall though, as I was expected to pay anything up to £10,000 for gastric banding surgery and this was even if I could find somebody to do it. This is when ‘My Miracle’ came along. My sister was reading Woman magazine and came across Sharon’s story. The rest is history. I was booked into the hospital for my op less than a month later.

The whole process was trouble free. Everybody was very kind and very helpful, from DrPapp Surgery through to Dr Papp and all the hospital staff. I was never made to feel fat and stupid and even the hospital gowns and TED stockings fitted! My recovery was quick, but better still my heartburn was immediately 90% better and I was able to half my dose of medication. I started to lose weight straight away and now 3 months down the line I am 21 kilos lighter. I feel like a completely different person and my Mum says she thinks I have been taken over by Aliens! I even go to the gym 3 times a week.



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